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Creating Positive Environment

We are almost about to close one more year in the OCS journey. With new offices in Brazil & Nigeria, we are excited and hopeful to see new client logos in our marketing material soon. All possible efforts are underwa...

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The Importance of Safety Trainings

The importance of safety training extends beyond a worker’s introduction to the job. It also encompasses situations when his job changes or when working conditions change. Without an understanding of safety practic...

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Embrace Change

There is a new management team in place. They have some new ideas (don’t they all?). They want to change things. And your first thought is “Oh no! here we go again.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus sai...

Philosophy of Perpetual Transformation
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The Philosophy of Perpetual Transformation

Innovations come from mixing existing ideas in new ways. Exercising the authority of the community and not of any individual to bring about change in the organisation, which will eventually lead to innovative ideas and s...

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Achieve More In Less Time

Few months back I was reading a survey report on Individual and Organisation Productivity. The survey finding was quite astonishing. The survey revealed that a majority i.e almost 70% of the people surveyed felt they are...