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There is a new management team in place. They have some new ideas (don’t they all?). They want to change things. And your first thought is “Oh no! here we go again.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that “The only constant in life is change.” We all instinctively know this, we see this in our lives (remember the rotary dial phone and the B&W TV?), yet we resist change. We yearn for things as they used to be. Because routine is comforting. With change comes uncertainties and risks.

The risk that our carefully balanced lives will come tumbling down; that we will have to figure out new things; or that we will not know what to do when the goalposts shift again… But change also brings opportunities. We all like some kind of change. We mostly like our shiny new cell-phones and flat screen TVs. Most people want that next promotion, even if it comes with more responsibilities and longer hours.

Everyone at OCS stand today at the brink of change. Revenues are up, we have secured several new clients, and we are looking at opening an office in Brazil. The business heads met early in July to reaffirm their commitment to the target of $240 million revenue in 2023 and laid out their plans for reaching that ambitious goal. Yes, there is going to be more to do. There will be new things to learn, and new ways of doing things. No, it is not going to be easy.

But there will be opportunities for personal growth and financial rewards too if we can make it happen. The alternative to adapting, both for OCS and for each one of us individually, is to get let behind. Because the world is changing around us.

Our clients demand more, and our competitors find ways to deliver more every day. 2023 is only 5 years away. So let us roll up our sleeves, look change straight in the eye and embrace it. We might get knocked over by the first few, but together we will learn to ride the waves.

Dinesh Rehani
Chief Executive Officer
(OCS Group)

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