project execution capabilities

Drilling Crew

  • 1,000 sq. meter of workshop/ warehouse area
  • Strategic location in Thane, near Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)
  • Easy access to waterfront area
  • Used as a workshop for activities like machining and overhauling repairs, paint locker and other storage facilities
  • Tie up with local workshop


  • 650 sq. meter of workshop/ warehousing area
  • 100 sq. meter of fully furnished office space
  • Easy access to Hamriya port
  • Well-connected to Jabel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai and Sharjah airport
  • Workshop equipped with source of compressed air, paint locker and other storage facilities
  • Enclosed bay for cleaning and washing

Service Includes

  • Providing engineers and technicians for maintenance, repairs and overhauling of Drilling systems, Cranes, Hydraulic systems, Marine engines, Rotary equipment, Boilers
  • Providing installation engineers and offsite analysts for vibration and condition monitoring system
  • Providing technicians for cutting and grinding services in live hazardous area

Our Highly Experienced Jacking Technicians Inspect, Repair, Overhaul And Install All The Major Jacking Equipment Brands Including:

  • Bethlehem
  • F&G
  • Baker
  • Mitsui
  • Hitachi
  • Delong
  • Marathon Le Tourneau
  • BMC

Our inspection expertise covers Jack-ups, Land Rigs, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Platforms, FSOs, FPSOs, and FDPSOs.

Certificate - Safety Tools Allmet

Steel Renewal

  • Offer design, engineering and execution solution for steel renewal
  • Designing the renewal process based on asset requirement
  • Modification is done in line with the class certification
  • Onsite fabrication as per the blue prints
  • The entire project is done onsite
  • Avoid transportation of asset on offsite location
  • Customised approach based on customer requirement
  • Locations covered
    • Tanks
    • Deck
    • Accommodation
    • Machinery platforms, etc.

Vibration Monitoring

  • Used for ensuring continuous supervision on the rotating equipment performance
  • Identification of the equipment on the site which will be requiring the vibration monitoring
  • Working in collaboration with the client to design the vibration monitoring system required for the asset
  • Ensuring safe and effective installation of the system on the client asset
  • Providing back-end services for maintaining the system and ensuring effective reporting

Scope of Scope of VMC & Options Offered

Criticality Index

  • Defining the degree of condition monitoring
  • Basic categorization of machine
  • Designing the maintenance plan based on the categorization

Installation & Real-time Monitoring

  • Analyzing data on real time basis
  • Immediate intimation in case of any abnormality
  • Planning of preventive maintenance

Minimal Collateral Damage

  • Helps in early detection of abnormality leading minimal collateral damage
  • Highlights any degradation of machine due to wearing of metal
  • Checks for temperature variations

Jacking System Maintenance

  • Inspection and installation of all the major jacking equipment brands
  • Certified and experienced engineers and technicians for inspection, repairs, overhauling and installation of jacking equipment designs
  • Certified crew for jacking operations at offshore installations and ports

Inspection, Installation, Repairs, Maintenance Overhauling

  • Drilling system
  • Rotating system
  • Lifting/ crane system
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Marine engines
  • High pressure units

Shipyard Services

Turnkey project management and project specialists:

  • Structural steel piping fabrication
  • UHP hydro blasting
  • Electrical and cabling work
  • Mechanical and hydraulic systems
  • Grit and sand blasting in shrouded areas
  • Total coating management – (coating and methodology, inspections, surveys and QAQC audits)
  • Non-spark grinding and cutting systems (supply and training)
  • Total integrated crew management

Direct Sales – Rentals with or w/o operators – Training

  • No hot sparks
  • Low heat (average 30 C to 60 C grinding tools)
  • Low noise (<85 dBA)
  • No dangerous sharp splinters
  • Low vibration (average < 2.5 m/s)
  • Roughness profile 40 to 75 microns
  • Ideal for EX areas
  • ONLY certified EX grinding and cutting tools of their kind
  • For use in ATEX zones 1 and 2
  • No need for hot work permits