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We offer comprehensive Corrosion Management solutions for platforms/ rigs onshore and offshore.

Corrosion is a perennial problem experienced at all kinds of manufacturing facilities. High rate of corrosion increases the chances of equipment failure, asset degradation, delays, shutdowns, accidents and incidents that could result in loss of life, profits and reputation.

OCS maintains assets and enhances their operating lives by leveraging cutting-edge technology, word-class equipment, certified personnel and third party inspection procedures.

Our team of NACE-certified inspectors ensures the highest standards on all jobs. As a total integrated solutions provider, we offer comprehensive corrosion management solutions for platforms/ rigs onshore and offshore. We offer customized and comprehensive auditing, inspection, planning, execution and project management services.

Our teams are actively engaged from the initial planning stage to final execution. Business Enquiry

integrated service contractor

At OCS we strategically and collaboratively partner with clients to:

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    Reduce total system cost through TCM and delivering value.

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    Provide integrated service provider model for all corrosion protection related activities.

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    Adherence to quality, health, safety, environment, (QHSE) standards of the client.

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    Work as per the client specification.

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    Comply to client maintenance schedule.

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    Enhance the client’s Brand Image.

Our Undertaking

As an Integrated Service Contractor (ISC) for TCM, OCS will:

  • Total Corrosion Inspection

    Analyzing corrosion risk and generating customized approach for life extension of assets.

  • Pre-Inspection

    Performing pre-inspection and generating a pre-inspection report.

  • Prioritisation & Budgeting

    Prioritise project milestones and prepare budgets accordingly.

  • Manpower Management

    Deployment / training / replacing ‘painters’ team.

  • Asset Management

    Investing in the equipment/ training needs.

  • Inventory Management & Reporting

    Standardized corrosion management program to achieve reduction of inventory up to 30%.

To know more about Integrated Service Contractor (ISC), get in touch.

Service Overview

What We Offer

Surface Preparation By:
  • Ultra high pressure blasting unit offshore and onshore
  • Grit blasting onshore and offshore
  • Scaffolding services, wherever required
  • Safety tools allmet in ex areas
  • Cold cutting of pipes in ex areas
  • Mechanized scaffold in areas where manual scaffold is not a possibility
Different Types of Areas Covered:
  • Accommodation block
  • Frame boom
  • Ballast tank inspection and coating
  • Outer ship hull
  • Overboard scaffolding
  • Rig hull
  • Under helideck
Components Of TCM:

Fabric Maintenance

On-board paint maintenance
Limit usage of paint
Risk based corrosion management – handrails, decks, staircase, ladders, rooms, etc.
Use of innovative technology

Specific Coating Projects

“Class” determined projects
Difficult access areas like ballast and preload tanks, drilling modules, helideck, flares, pressurized lines, etc.
Use of innovative equipment, access systems

We are very satisfied with the staff and crew of OCS.
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Total Corrosion Management

Benefits of Implementing OCS TCM Solutions

OCS Corrosion Management Solutions
TCM Services

Total Corrosion Management Services We Offer

OCS Corrosion Management Solutions
How Do We Do It

Process of Implementing TCM

Corrosion Inspection:

OCS has expertise and advanced NDT technologies and systems to detect corrosion before it actually manifest or become problematic to the structural integrity.

Prioritization & Budgeting:

OCS identifies and drafts scope, plan, and budget requirement for the maintenance activities that can be monitored and controlled in a systematic manner.

The Process Typically Includes:

  • Preparation of detailed corrosion audit report
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identifying different forms of corrosion
  • Categorization of areas according to corrosive zones
  • Plan and budget structured maintenance
  • Schedule and execute

Deployment of Trained Man Power:

Trained and certified man-power provided, QA/ QC/ HSE advantage, coating personnel are certified to NORSOK M50.

Project Management:

OCS project team has a proactive approach to ensure that the entire coating project are completed in time bound manner with highest standard of quality and safety and within allocated budget. Our teams are actively engaged from the initial planning stage to final execution to ensure that applied system should last for desired service life and avoid any downtime or accidents due to corrosion.

In-house Training & Competence Assessment:

OCS provides extensive training to inspection, supervision and application team. The training programme typically covers:

  • Basics of corrosion
  • Role of coating in corrosion mitigation
  • Surface preparation and application strategy
  • Inspection and audit methodology