Fireproofing is used to keep a building or equipment’s internal structure, typically steel, below the temperature that causes structural weakness. Hiring a professional that specializes in fireproofing is your best bet.

Steel is non combustible, but in fire under the influence of high heat it will lose its structural strength & collapse. Heavily loaded steel will lose its design margin of safety at temperatures around 550°c regardless of the grade of steel.

Protection from the effects of fire is paramount to ensure safety of human lives and property. If fire safety measures are not undertaken, including passive fire protection, the effects of fire could be economically & socially devastating.

OCS offers a ‘Single Source’ turnkey solution for protection of your facilities from hydrocarbon and cellulosic fires.

This includes

  • The best technical PFP solutions for a specific fire exposure
  • Material procured from the most respected international PFP companies
  • Highly experienced, qualified & certified HSE team with a proven track record
  • Highly experienced, trained certified application teams
  • Extensive infrastructure including machinery, scaffolding, warehouse facilities, yard facilities
  • Led by a team with over 24,00,000m2 of PFP experience.