Deep Water Frontier (DWF)

Case Study 1: Deep Water Frontier (DWF) - Boottop Hydroblasting and Painting at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

Client: Our client is one of the largest offshore drilling contractors in the world. The company has the most versatile fleet of mobile offshore drilling units that help companies extract oil and natural gas.

Need: Since our client is engaged in the business of offshore drilling, their drillships venture into deep sea and hostile environment. Due to this, their vessel's hull suffers various types of damages due to corrosion and barnacle deposition. The maintenance of the hull of these drillships is the most important requirement of our clients.

Challenge: These drillships come at a huge day rate and any damages to the same would prove to be more expensive if they do out of service on downtime. Utmost care is required to handle the maintenance work of such ships. Hence, our client required a corrosion maintenance provider for their ships. They needed a resourceful and experienced partner who would complete the task efficiently, within a short time period.

Total primary scope of the project included Removal of barnacles, Spot hydroblasting, Spot priming and Tie coat & Anti-fouling application.

Solution: Since OCS Services is a highly experienced and reliable TCM service provider in India, the client awarded us the entire contract. The job was inspected by DWF Captain and Jotun paint technician and the task was commenced through a series of secondary tasks.

Barnacles all around on boottop area
Barnacles all around on boottop area

Secondary Tasks:

  • Arrangement of a barrage for loading all the equipment and for performing the work
  • Obtaining statutory clearances for the job, including:
    1. Port permissions
    2. Custom clearances
    3. Barrage clearances
    4. Manpower clearances
  • Arranging first supply of fresh water for blasting
  • All fuel, lubricants and consumables included


Pictorial representation of the process:

High pressure cleaning to remove barnacles
Ultra high pressure water jetting
Application of primer
Application of tie-coat
Application of anti-fouling 1st coat in progress
Finished application of all coats


Equipment Used:

  • Ultrahigh pressure hydroblaster
  • High pressure cleaners
  • Airless spray units
  • 60 Hz power supply
  • Air compressor and all consumables

The Team:

  • Consisted of following:
  • Hydroblasters: 16 Nos.
  • Paint supervisors: 2 Nos.
  • Barge personnel: 6 Nos.

Benefits Achieved:

With the combined efforts of two teams, which worked in 12-hour shifts for 20 days, OCS completed the tasks with great efficiency and accuracy. We delivered excellence in quality, health and safety for man and environment.

Our efforts were well appreciated and the client contracted us for several other projects.