J.T Angel

Case Study 3: J.T Angel - Paint Maintenance of Preload Tanks

Client: Our client is one of the largest offshore drilling contractors in the world. The company has the most versatile fleet of mobile offshore drilling units that help companies extract oil and natural gas.

Need: Preload tanks often suffer from corrosion and several other factors, which damage its surface, resulting into accidents. Maintenance of these preload tanks is thus essential in order to increase its overall life. Thus, our client who is dependent on these preload tanks for their offshore drilling activities identified the need for its maintenance. The tanks form an important part of the rig's structure and are regulated by the respective classification societies. If they are not maintained to their best possible corrosion level, then the rig will have to go in for steel renewal, which will be additional cost for the company.

Challenge: Efficient and accurate maintenance of preload tanks without any damage was the most important challenge. Our clients thus required maintenance service providers that would provide end-to-end corrosion management services for preload tanks.

Solution: OCS Services being a significant player in the Marine and Offshore services arena, was awarded the contract for the paint maintenance of preload tank No. 2P.

Task Assigned:

  • Box-type scaffolding
  • High-pressure fresh water washing
  • Steam cleaning to remove Eureka Gel coating
  • Removal of corrosion in the tank
  • Prepare surface for paint application
  • Spot priming
  • Application of 2 coats of HB Epoxy coating

Equipment Used:

  • High-pressure washer
  • Hot water steam cleaner
  • Ex-approved Safety tools Allmet for surface preparation
  • Airless spray unit
  • All consumables

The Team :

  • Consisted of following:
    • Painters: 6 Nos.
    • Paint supervisors: 1 No.
  • Initially, 2 teams worked in shift of 12 hours each, however this was soon changed to 1 shift work.
Overall condition of tank
Flange before surface preparation
Corrosion mainly found starting from edges
Spot corrosion & paint failure in tank 2p

Pictorial Representation of the Process:

Surface preparation using safety tools
Ultra high pressure water jetting
Application of primer


1st Coat of paint on tank
Finished painting of tank
Overall state of tank after painting


The client was pleased with OCS's determination and efficiency for accomplishing the entire task in just 52 days.