Paint Maintenance of Drilling Module

Case Study 2: Deepwater Frontier - Paint Maintenance of Drilling module

Client: Our client is one of the largest offshore drilling contractors in the world. The company has the most versatile fleet of mobile offshore drilling units that help companies extract oil and natural gas.

Need: Drillships always undergo a large amount of wear and tear during operations. Such wear and tear results in damages that can make the ship vulnerable to breakdowns and cause serious fatalities. Hence, these drillships require regular assessments and maintenance.

Challenge: Ability to identify and treat the damage was the need of the hour for the client. They required an established service provider that could offer Total Corrosion Management services and accomplish the maintenance of the drillships with utmost efficiency and urgency.

Solution: OCS Services being a significant player in the marine and offshore services arena, was awarded a contract for the corrosion management, paint maintenance and drilling module.

Task Assigned:

  • Hot water steam cleaning of area
  • Spot removal of corrosion
  • Spot priming
  • Full paint application

Equipment Used:

  • Ultra-high pressure hydroblaster
  • Hot water steam cleaner
  • Airless spray units
  • Ex approved safety tools allmet for corrosion removal
  • Air compressor
  • All consumables
Original condition of deck on DWF drilling module
Wind wall on starboard AFT
Rust scales of varying sizes
Wire line deck
Wire line deck

The Process

Spot preparation using safety tools
Ready for spot priming
Application of primer

The Team

Consisted of following:

  • Painter: 3 Nos.
  • Paint supervisors: 1 No.
  • Personnel were rotated every 28 days
Finished application of all coats
Wind wall - completed painting in all respect


The project being halted on many occasions owing to POB issues on board did not restrain OCS from successfully accomplishing the task, as 60% of the task was completed in 100 days instead of the estimated 180 days. The project was completed without any HSE incident.

Wind wall on port forward side
Painted deck put to the service - condition after 3 months